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Omg I love Kaia's (evidently not-so) new album- plus, she sings so much about being on her knees! Aw, whosa.
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1) Last night we went to go see Amy Ray and I got accidentally-on-purpose drunk, you know, the kind when you drink like you're on a mission to get there fast and then, oops, it's only the opener! That just made it even better when Kaia came on stage-- I mean, when Amy Ray actually started. Kaia flipped her hair a lot and I swooned. I was bouncing around on the toes of my docs a lot and once I tipped forward onto the people in front of me, oops, but what's a fucken show if people are gonna act like that's unseemly? I had a lot of fun, felt my heart screw open wider.

2) I'm grateful that somehow blessedly the men I work with in the kitchen do not see me in a mis-angled light- they name me right, call me amigo and toss cans of coke tight to my chest.

3) from "Ode to Elegance," from the calculus of variation, DiPrima:
let us now praise all fleshly consummation
(the elegance of sweat)
into the burning loneliness of this place
desert of salt
immense intoxication
in this white light
under this rush of wind
all things teem forth like dust motes in the air

that all things send forth love, inanimate
that all these loves have mingled in the air
and set up a great clangor
in the nodes
heart of this sound, this deadly spirit love
a cosmos come to birth



Nov. 6th, 2008 09:17 pm
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Haiku2 for starfrosting
but it happens like
at the earth's core i think
you're gonna like it
Created by Grahame
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You will all be pleased to learn that after a 2 hour long break (how did that happen) I am returning to the final stretch of my by-now-voluminious yet still tight paper.

Also man there are all these thoughts percolating once my brain can run free again. I was reading Amber Hollibaugh tonight for my paper and was struck, for the nth time, by how instrumental the writings of sex-radical femmes has been to the development of my queer subjectivity, my imagination. Then I remembered something Paige had said about the dirth of butch writings and realized a lot of things that I don't want to get into right now, except to say that I still have very distinct sense-memory of my confusion 3 or 4 years ago...'Wait, I am really really attracted to butches...' and find it interesting that butch/femme both gave me a language to articulate my desires and circumscribed what I could imagine as possible.


Oh damn, "Am I Blue For You?" just came on and I'm pretty sure this is the 6th time I've listened to it today.
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'My thesis' on social construction seems to be very frightening to people: the idea that sex is culturally constructed. They seem to fear that I am evacuating any notion of the real, that I make people think that their bodies are not real or that sexual differences are not real. They believe that I am too charismatic and that I am seducing the young.
--(Judith Butler)

Yes, Little One, you are seducing me. Leave your partner and child and enter into an ethical relationship of coemergence + perverse pedagogical mentorship w/me, darling Judy.

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i wonder if yr coiled up strength keeps you warm
cos it’s snowy out and i feel stupid in my parka
with you leaned there so shadowed sweet
with you leaning against the post office wall with power latent in the easy tight-sprung stance of yr hips
yr figure cutting a hole in my chest where wind whistles through
want, you could call it.
yeah yr quiet stalking strength must blaze inside yr bound chest
cos yr red scarf and leather makes me lose my breath, but can’t keep the cold from you
can it?


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