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As I draw closer to יהוה through Jewish practices, I can't help but examine my relation to the other manifestations of divinity in my life. On some basic cellular level I don't feel a conflict: the visions of G-d Herself expressed in Judaism as All-That-Is align with my Witchy knowledge of the Star Goddess as one poetic way of naming and experiencing that vastness. All "other" Gods are really not so other, born out of the womb of El Rachaman as far as I can see, "local," Earthly manifestations of divinity as revealed in human community. Even the biblical images of Adonai Eloheinu as a jealous tribal God, simultaneously and supposedly All-That-Is, take place on that level. Why is that tribal (local, specific) God to be identified as a legitimate face of יהוה above all others?

This is hard to put into words though because on some level I don't want to subsume the multiplicity of Gods and spirits to The One. Ultimately, sure, everything emanates/emerges/comes spinning out of Ein Sof Aur, but the worlds are too multi-layered to be evacuated of all the divinities and spirits saturating the spaces between.
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I just re-discovered this passage from Truth or Dare:

Today, I will name [magic] this: the art of liberation, the act that releases the mysteries, that ruptures the fabric of our beliefs and lets us look into the heart of deep space where dwell the immeasurable, life-generating powers.

Those powers live in us also, as we live in them. The mysteries are what is wild in us, what cannot be quantified or contained. But the mysteries are also what is most common to us all: blood, breath, heartbeat, the sprouting of seed, the waxing and waning of the moon, the turning of the earth around the sun, birth, growth, death, and renewal.

To practice magic is to tap that power, to burrow down through the systems of control like roots that crack concrete to find the living soil below.

We are never apart from the power of the mysteries. Every breath we take encompasses the circle of birth, death, and rebirth. The forces that push the blood cells through our veins are the same forces that spun the universe out of the primal ball of fire. We do not know what those forces are. We can invoke them, but we cannot control them, nor can we disconnect from them. They are our life, and when we die, decay, and decompose, we remain still within their cycle.
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" the life-altering experience of connecting to the divinity that dwells within yourself and in the world. It is all of the extraordinary events and manifestations that flow from your union with a real and present divinity. Real magic is your relationship with immanent divinity, and it how you craft yourself as a Witch.

Making magic is like making love, and your partner is the Divine. Together, you share and express mutual pleasure and appreciation. Making magic is a dynamic process by which you co-create reality with deity. And ultimately, all real magic is a manifestation of the Divine."

(---phyllis curott, witch crafting)
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An Altar of Earth: Reflections on Jews, Goddesses, and the Zohar, by Rabbi Jill Hammer


Sep. 20th, 2009 11:42 am
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Shekinah is She Who Dwells Within,
The force that binds and patterns creation.
She is Birdwoman, Dragonlady, Queen of the Heavens,
Opener of the Way.
She is Mother of the Spiritworld, Morning and Evening
Dawn and Dusk.
She is Mistress of the Seas, Tree of Life,
Silvery Moon, Fiery Sun.
All these are Her names.
Shekinah is Changing Woman, Nature herself,
Her own Law and Mystery.
She is cosmos, dark hole, fiery moment of beginning.
She is dust cloud, nebulae, the swirl of galaxies.
She is gravity, magnetic field,
the paradox of waves and particles.
Shekinah is unseen dark, invisible web,
Creatrix of complex systems,
expanding, contracting, spiraling, meandering,
The beginning of Wisdom.
Shekinah is Grandmother, Grandfather,
Unborn Child.
Shekinah is life loving itself into being.
Shekinah is the eros of life, limitless desire,
Cosmic orgasm, wave upon wave of arousal,
hungry and tireless, explosive and seductive,
the kiss of life and death, never dying.
Shekinah is home and hearth, root and rug,
the altar on which we light our candles.
We live here, in Her body.
She feeds multitudes from Her flesh,
Water, sap, blood, milk, fluids of life, elixir of
the wounded.
Shekinah is the catalyst of our passion,
Our inner Spiritfire, our knowledge of self-worth,
Our call to authenticity.
She warms our hearts, ignites our vision.
She is the great turning round,
breathing and pulsating, pushing life toward
Womb and Grave, End and Beginning.
All these are her names.

(lynn gottlieb)
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Lif’nei b’rei’shit. . .before the beginning,
before the faces of time and space appeared,
before there was even a before,
all that was
was endless mystery, Ain Sof )

Our lives can be dedicated
to finding the holiness in every thing and every one,
or we can ignore the sacredness of the reality about us.
Within our hands is the power
to enrich the life of the planet,
and within our hands is the power to destroy.
U’va’char’tem ba’chayim:
Choose life that you and your children may live.

The holiness which we seek and which we find,
we call kadosh.
And our dedication to holiness, our work to enrich the planet,
we call the path of mitzvah.

Ha’me’ir la’aretz u’l’darim ah’leh’ha
Each morning you awake to the very fire
that created all the stars.
Each day is an occasion to dedicate yourself
to a vision of oneness, harmony and beauty
worthy of our fiery origin.
Sh’ma Yisrael: HaVaYaH Eloheinu, YHVH Echad.
In our work, in our relationships,
We can shape this fire as it has shaped us,
aware of the awesome energy which has provided it.
Or we can waste this fire, and we can use it for destruction.
Our most important mitzvah is to cherish this fire,
the source of our existence,
the power we can use for transformation,
the power to manifest holiness
in our planet, in our species,
in our society, in our community,
in our family, in myself.

V'ahavtah et Yod Hey Vav Hey
Elo'he'chah b'chol l'vav'echa
u'v'chol naf'sheh'cha u'v'chol m'o'decha,
"And you shall love HaVaYaH your fiery power
with all your heart, with all your life, with all that is yours."
This is the fire of the entire cosmos:
We must not waste it on triviality nor on enmity.
We cherish HaVaYaH by standing in awe,
by acting with reverence,
by developing conscience as we use it,
by offering our gratitude.
We have the power to forge cosmic fire.
What can compare with such a destiny?

(by Rabbi Burt Jacobson, found it here)
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After work I went to the ocean and said a couple prayers with the half-filled moon throbbing down on my shoulders. Annnd yeah, absolutely everything is enchanted. Walking home I felt like if I touched anything it would melt.

Equally mundane: fuck, I need to write a CV, toutesuite! Help.

still ill

Jun. 14th, 2006 07:09 pm
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but here's some stuff from the unfortunately-titled jewish with feeling book that clicked with me:

Contradictions we can live with. Nothing we can say about G-d will survive the rigors of logical analysis. But that shouldn't get in the way of our search for the presence we have felt in our most spiritually open-- or spiritually hungry-- moments. If there is a tension between what we know in our minds and what we feel in our hearts, then let's stay with that tension. If there is a contradiction, let us take it upon ourselves. Only let us press on with our desire to experience the numinous and serve the patterns of the universe in a deeper, more meaningful way.


Faith is not something we can arrive at by careful, step-by-step process. It is not something we can square with our intellect. Faith does not make sense,nor does it feel safe...The quality, the essence, the whatness of G-d-- that we can only reach with the opening-up, the joyful surrender, that is faith. To experience faith even for a moment we must make a leap beyond intellect, beyond logic.

(pg 27-28, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi)

These passages are really hitting me cos I've been feeling an insistent desire for the old closeness I used to have, the entirely obvious presence of the Goddess, the Gods, G-d Herself that saturated my life, that stirred in the wind or pulsed through the pavement. I think one negative side effect of this philosophy business has been an increased tendency to submit G-d stuff no less than anything else to (albeit not too rigorous) logical analysis that is, to be honest, entirely unfitting the matter at hand.

There's much more to say about this but that's it for now.


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