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Still reading my aunt Effie's Durrell book:

Cerulean sky touched with white cirrus-- such fleece as grows between the horns of nine-day goatlets, or on the cocoons of silkworms; viridian to peacock-tail green where the sea threshes itself out against the cliffs. Prismatic explosion of waves against the blue sky, crushing out their shivering packets of colour, and then the hissing black intake of the water going back. The billiard-green patch edged with violet that splashes the sea below Lindos. The strange nacreous bones of cliff at Castello. But to paint Greece one would have to do more than play with a few colours. Other problems: how to convey the chalky whiteness of the limestone, the chalk-dust that comes off the columns on to one's fingers, the soft pollen-like bloom on the ancient vases which makes so many of them seen like great plums of pure light. And when you had done all this you would still have to master the queer putty-mauve, putty-grey tones of the island rock-- rock that seems to be slowly cooling lava...

(--reflections on a marine venus


Jul. 8th, 2014 09:36 pm
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In addition to the ush' (4 or 5 t-shirts, ditto on undies, spare tzistzis, passport etc), I am folding into my backpack:
-"gentleman's" mirrored compass (both from my Daddy-o)
-Tarot pack
-siddur, tehillim & tefillin
-comp for diss writin'
-Ethics& folder o' essays for ditto
-Seferides poems
-salt-worn brass clips
-green bandana, spare kippah(s)
-dop kit consisting of karpouzi sunstick, toothbrush, t etc
-whale sweatshirt
-anchor hat
-special kosh wine Hunter gave me for my bday, wrapped in my hooded beach towel
-travel wallet w/Rebbe card and tzedakah from my hevrusa (so "[I] can be shliach mitzvah")
-borrowed travel guitar

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by Odysseus Elytis:

Child with the skinned knee
Close-cropped head, dream uncropped
Legs with crossed anchors
Arm of pine, tongue of fish
Small brother of the cloud!

You saw a wet pebble whitening beside you
You heard a reed whistling
The most naked landscapes of which you knew
The most colorful
Deep oh deep the funny walk of the gilthead
High oh high the cap of the small church
And far or far a ship with red smokestacks

You saw the wave of plants where the hoarfrost
Took its morning bath, the leaf of the prickly pear
The bridge at the turn of the road
But also the savage smile
On the huge buffeting of trees
On the huge solstices of marriage
Where tears drip form the hyacinths
Where the sea urchin unravels the riddles of water
Where stars forecast the storm

Child with the skinned knee
Crazy amulet, stubborn jaw
Airy shorts
Breast of the rock, lily of the water
Gamin of the white cloud!


Jul. 25th, 2010 11:55 pm
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Full moon in Chania, near the beach at Stavros, mezedhes and ouzo and krasi at the taverna on the rocky shoreline there. In the car ride back after aspros patos ('white bottom,' shots of tsipouro I guess) I'm chatting with E+V's neighbor Jim in code, Ptown and Chelsea and Quentin Crisp even, wondering why he won't just throw me a fucken bone and say the word lover.


Jul. 22nd, 2010 12:51 am
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It's been a real resinous few days, in between kaimaki mastic ice-cream cones and these aromatic komboloi I got in Hydra that feel like smooth dried black cherries. Tonight's my last night in Athens. I walked home from this little joint Six D.O.G.S. near Monastiraki where I'd gone to hear some music with friends, just a'thinkin' about women and glasses of beer kind of feeling with the long wooden picnic tables and cigarette smoke outside, hot Greek boys with black curly hair and stubble swarming around, Greek girls with great hair and just-so sans-souci polish. So I walked back in the cool night air, faster than the subway anyway and good to breathe. I think my compass is one of my favorite birthday presents ever, midnight moonlight navigation by compass and acropolis.
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On one side, white-maned waves like Homeric horses, long-sweeping, refreshing verses of Homer; on the other, Athena's oil-and light-filled olive, and Apollo's laurel, and Dionysus's wonder-working grape all wine and song. And the dry, frugal earth, its stones tinted rose-red by the sun, the mountains flapping bluishly in mid-air, steaming in the light, peacefully, restfully sunning themselves, all naked, like athletes.

I marched, and as I marched, I felt that the entire earth and sky were journeying with me. All the surrounding miracles penetrated me. I blossomed, laughed, vibrated in my turn like a bowstring.

(---nikos kazantzakis, pg.134)


Jul. 18th, 2010 02:12 am
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It's 2am here and I'm already dreaming about tomorrow morning's frappé, which here is a tall glass of iced instant coffee à la Dinners and Nightmares with this amazing creamy dense foam you get to suck down and scrape up with a straw. I need to remember to stock up on Greek instant coffee so I can make it.


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