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Shaving my neck
I don't have patience for people who don't
have me
Remember the lights banners strung
cross that commercial thoroughfare in Istanbul,
the fabric's joy in being stretched and hung, pride in display
smell of well-coiffed leather, proud locks tossed
+ the Bosphorus, still
it slaps against the docks
relentless sucking carbon from the wood.

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Sex is energy. What gives the physical exchange its excitement, its intensity, is the movement of vital energy, an energy not limited to human beings, but present in earth, air, water, fire, in plants and animals, in all living things. Understanding that the erotic is energy open up the potential for an erotic relationship with the earth. We can love nature, not just aesthetically, but carnally, with our meat, our bones. That sort of love threatens all the proprieties of estranged culture. Love that mirrors the wildness of nature can move us into the struggle to protect her, and can give us the deep strength we need. That love is connection. When we feel it deeply, perhaps with an oak, when we feel the tree's aura move into our bodies, feel our energy flow through the ground into its roots, let ourselves merge and feel at one with its tree-ness, we are sustained in the fight to keep the ax from its trunk, the radiation from its leaves.
(-----starhawk, dreaming the dark)
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"In this way fantasy reveals reality: Reality is just the underlying fantasy, a fantasy that reveals need. I have an unlimited need of him. I explained all my lousy characteristics: my irritability, my bossiness, my ambition in the world, my PRIDE."
(Blood and Guts in High School)
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Damn, it feels good to work on this article finally! Ever since I revised it for that conference all the way back in December, I have been procrastinating like never before. But since the Hypatia deadline is April, and it's definitely March now, I figured I needed to get cracking. So here I am, listening to Mississippi John Hurt and drinking Diet Dr Pepper, just like the good ol' days.

It feels good to produce, and refine, and carve, take care. It feels good to light a candle and make a prayer first (the "blessing the path" standby) and feel my work flowing, feel my competence flowing from my passion and feeding my pride and focus.


Feb. 28th, 2008 08:44 pm
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Tonight has been really good. I went for dinner at a taqueria I really like with an old/new friend who I'm happy to be seeing more of; she's warm and smart and genuine and great to chew the fat with. I came into a leather jacket that makes me feel strangely blessed, a mantle of accumulated butch strength on my shoulders. It was so cold out I thought I'd have to take a train over, but luckily I decided to walk the 3 avenues 16 blocks over with twilight lasting longer than I thought, the stars only blinking out in the cold on my way home.


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