Jul. 27th, 2009 05:10 pm
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1)I am in love with Noxzema! I know it's not good to wash yr face too much but that stuff just tempts me.

2)Right now I want to go drink a big glass of water and eat the dark red cherries in our fridge drawer, spit the pits.

3)I'm proud of myself today for taking responsibility without taking any shit, you know?

4)I have soo many new books to read- trying to cram it all in before school starts at the end of the month-- it's almost overwhelming!

5)Is it just me or are the leaves getting ready to drop?
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I just wanted to brag about my haircut. )
I like the way my sideburns are kinda like a little Hasidic boy's payot. Or, on their way.
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Once upon a time I found a pair of beautiful cordovan Chelsea boots at Beacon's Closet- you know, the ones that were two or three sizes too big but nothing some insoles and heel cups can't fix? Well, I went out getting lost wandering one night and it started to rain. Lo and behold, the beautiful cordovan leather started peeling and cracking. I didn't know what to do.

I fixed them today by saddle-soaping them up, applying thin coats of melted polish into the cracks, polishing them and smearing in some protectant for good measure:
before ) and after )

They look much better, though obviously the cracking/peeling hasn't been fixed. If any of you guys know how to prevent it from getting worse-- or looking better in the meantime-- please let me know. Otherwise, just admire my decent repair job!

(PS- that crappy haze in the first picture is from the silicone waterproofer I'd used-- which I think I'll hold off on with these boots)
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Submission sealed up in a 6.5 inch sandwich bag:
fluids no more than 3.3 oz, on a scale not even our own but
a purification of this magnitude better start anew
if already degrees are seeping out.
The toiletries I deemed essential enough to slide pornographically into plastic,
stretched tight at the corners and bulging across the curves and indents of lids?
Faggotry for those who shower over sinks:
45 gram pot of honey-based moisturizer, Odeur 71
seaweed facewash and a packet of silicone lube
Neutrogena hand cream.

otherwise, Specters of Marx fibrous enough to form the spine of my knapsack,
its stomach soft with sweaters that look tiny off my body, t-shirts I'll sweat through and my hot pink sweater,
my boyfriend's hands too solid too.

je pense

Sep. 26th, 2006 12:03 pm
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I am so clean and shiny that I took a picture.

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I don't know why anyone bothers going to English classes where there isn't at least one mention of anal fisting in the course of the semester. In other words, the final O'Rourke seminar did not disappoint. I am gonna write that man the best damn paper I can considering I've done fuck-all this entire semester and my brain is ever-so-slightly flabby.

There was something else I wanted to say but it's gone. Considering I slept for 4 hours last night I think that's acceptable. This weekend I want to play the yeshiva boy and spend the whole time working, bent over a table, maybe a candle for that extra touch of studiousness. Okay, I realize I just said bent over a table, but that's not what I meant. I meant stooped like a scholar in an Isaac Bashevis Singer story. I might go watch movies with The Dykes (as I accidentally nicknamed those 3 dykes I met at Centre Stage when Ren and Jaclyn were here) tonight. Monogamy is weird and so is the realization that sometimes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it might just be a duck, rather than a butch duck.

Rory and I used to call boys ducks, after the Weetzie Bat convention. And biscuits, with types of pastry delineating personality/physical type, also after Francesca Lia Block (whose books I am very much regretting having left at home. Who the fuck brings D&G instead of nice pomo-magical-realist stories?)

Oh man I get to cut Cathy's here now. I'll let you all know how it turns out. It's gonna be drastic! And by drastic I mean fabulous.
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can we talk about the politics of this dude making Hasidic reggae sometime? I'm conflicted.

like with my haircut. I kinda like it. I mean, it has potential. But it's a little bit...I don't know, too neat ).

Plus it's the kind of haircut that makes me think, "I need facial hair." I guess at this point there's nary a haircut that doesn't make me think that, but whatevs.

Also I think I may have gotten my music back, but lost my playlists. I know you all were as upset about this as I am. But it felt like I'd lost a body part, for true.

(Who says "for true," and why did I just use it?)

ETA: My hairstylist called me a sissy.
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I'm sitting around shirtless doing some work, being a smelly boi with suspenders hooked to my jeans. This Tom's of Finland deodorant just isn't really doing it, what with its sissy calendula and honeysuckle. (Note: I love sissyness as well as flowers and herbs.) Yesterday I gave Sethie a haircut that turned out both Prada-esque and really dykey, which is funny because although Seth likes girls Seth is not a dyke. Then I took the 5 bucks I'd earned for my hour and a half of hard work and bought a big bottle of Heineken and some rolling tobacco. It felt so fucking luxurious, I can't even tell you. I hate running out of tobacco. Then I hung out with my boys, scammed a copy of my favorite B-side---Cake Boy!--from Ryan, and made up/out with my girlfriend.

I love springtime.

Oh and when Matt and I were at Zorona's we were convinced we had finally, all 3 of us, slipped into purgatory. The smoke from the kitchen and the langorous ululations of the music really helped.

Speaking of Christian stuff, anyway evidently today is Easter, who knew. Cristina was all excited when she woke up even though she's not a practicing Christian (note that I first typed 'a practicing Cristina'). It's weird for me to not really give a fuck about a day that's so obviously important to a bunch of people here. I mean, it's a beautiful spring day. Passover's not too far away. Greek Easter falls on Mayday this year. But 'normal' Easter? Eh.

I want to go play outside. I need to finish work first, and then it won't be as warm. Oh well. Maybe I'll trot out the ol' bike and see how that goes.
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I am taking a much-needed, if not well-deserved, break from work for the evening. I'm tired. I need a huge glass of water. After my liason with Jeffreys all I wanna read tonight is Michelle Tea's, erm, graphicnovel. So I think I'm hanging out with Matt, TA51, Kaeden and Ryan, and TA9 tonight. If I end up at the Mug it's going to be sad, in that way when the music's lame and you don't dance anyway, but not in the *actually* sad way where you check out a hot queer boy and then get thisclose to a panic attack while walking home. All in all, I forsee a good night.

Plus, I look really fucken cute. I'm sorry, it's true. White t-shirt with suspenders, blue cords, and red boots, plus an off-white scarf. What really ties it together is the poofy-militant black jacket, which accents the suspenders.

Okay so I'm ridiculous. But man.

I miss my red scarf. I think I lost it in TX. Also, I'm on the prowl for a crimson v-neck sweater that doesn't grab strangely at my chest but isn't too baggy. So, you know, if you're cleaning out yr closet and have something, I can trade you...I dunno, something.


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