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You know it's working cos I start writing in alliteration: "the perverse property of particular populations," fuck.
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I am sitting outside on Amesterdam flying high on caffeine reading Specters of Marx thinking about time and justice and neo-liberal neutralization of the past, body buzzing. It's springtime finally and earlier I was reading in the nook of my new semi-secret tree in Morningside. Now, if only I could notate all 4 Derrida books I've got in my bag by the end of the afternoon and get the outline done tomorrow. Failing that, something close.


Apr. 1st, 2008 09:57 am
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Brooklyn Java from Fairway is kind of amazing-- one cup and I'm not only speedy and euphoric, I'm invincible!
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Well well well, I'm not allowed to be worried so I made a list on the train after writing Mark-Ameen style in my notebook inspired by the book of his poems I'd stolen from the Pink Pony. I stayed in the city entirely too long by some form of measurements and now I'm back at Vassar for today, tomorrow, and a wee sliver of Thursday. In that little morceau of time I need to: make amends for being a flake, write an essay in French, take a practice GRE test, finish this first section of my thesis, etc. Everything is, emphatically, fine. Maybe a little more coffee would help things along.

Now I need to scurry along and rustle something up about de Maupassant so's I can act as though I have a draft going.
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+ new nail buffer that looks like a pregnancy test
- smoking buckets of cigarettes
+ drinking a pint of iced coffee while stoned (no sugar, some milk)
+ reading anti-oedipus and actually understanding some of it
+ a pretty fabulous haircut
+ gorgeous spring day
- 4 1/2 hours of sleep
+ sending out packages
+ correspondence
-/+ weird phone calls with C.
+ sunroof and music
+ solitude


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