Jun. 29th, 2010 06:04 pm
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So my mom's got religion now too ever since she started going to this Chabad shul across the river in Clinton. I called her today after getting my throat cultured (strep, again!) and she told me it's the 17th of Tammuz and a little about Tisha B'Av and everything. When she reminded me that Tammuz is a month I said without thinking, "Tammuz was a god, too" and she said, "An idol, but not the real god." Here we go, round two: Chabadnik this time around instead of Baptist!
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1) I've got strep! again. This afternoon I squeezed myself into an appointment at the student health center on 12th st, where I bonded with a very new-yorky nurse by telling her my mom's a PA. She appreciated that I've been sick since Thursday but was only just now seeking treatment, and told me to tell my mom "that she raised a very nice boy, very well-trained."

(Incidentally, I was really impressed by how casually queer and trans-positive they were there, despite being initially put off by a disgusting piece of hetero clipart on their little desk basket of condoms. Their intake forms were good and probably facilitated the positive stress-free reaction I was able to have with the nurse and doc I saw. This compared to getting called "ma'am" over the phone when I called C-L's urgent care line early this morning. I know they were just trying to be polite but it's always too early for that shit.)

2) This is starting to look like a personal seasonal cycle for me: Last year only 3 weeks from now I had strep throat, what the hell. What can I do to stop this from happening??

3) I certainly skipped all my classes tonight as a result, last of the semester if I don't go to the French rendezvous tomorrow. It seems a fitting end to a semester I could scarcely fit into the groove. Now all I have to do is write something on/inspired by Aristotle's Physics I can actually be proud of in two weeks' time, but I'll deal with that come Friday. Right now I'm obsessively tailoring a mixtape like the Virgo I might've been, buzzed on a tiny tumbler of wine.


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