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how to walk between the worlds. how to keep each foot each center solidly in each realm, simultaneously, while living in and enlivening the loamy starry space between.
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Ahh, this morning was waking up with a crick in my neck and painful knots down my back saying Modeh Ani in bed anyway, then going into my room with Critter to make Ha and beeswax prayers to Brigid, what I could remember of "ana el na, refana la" along with three dropperfuls of nerve tonic and a couple advil. The boychik and I went outside for a nice walk in the cold crisp sunshine, I saddle-soaped the ocean salt off my engineer boots and conditioned the rest and I feel better already.
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As I draw closer to יהוה through Jewish practices, I can't help but examine my relation to the other manifestations of divinity in my life. On some basic cellular level I don't feel a conflict: the visions of G-d Herself expressed in Judaism as All-That-Is align with my Witchy knowledge of the Star Goddess as one poetic way of naming and experiencing that vastness. All "other" Gods are really not so other, born out of the womb of El Rachaman as far as I can see, "local," Earthly manifestations of divinity as revealed in human community. Even the biblical images of Adonai Eloheinu as a jealous tribal God, simultaneously and supposedly All-That-Is, take place on that level. Why is that tribal (local, specific) God to be identified as a legitimate face of יהוה above all others?

This is hard to put into words though because on some level I don't want to subsume the multiplicity of Gods and spirits to The One. Ultimately, sure, everything emanates/emerges/comes spinning out of Ein Sof Aur, but the worlds are too multi-layered to be evacuated of all the divinities and spirits saturating the spaces between.
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Sex is energy. What gives the physical exchange its excitement, its intensity, is the movement of vital energy, an energy not limited to human beings, but present in earth, air, water, fire, in plants and animals, in all living things. Understanding that the erotic is energy open up the potential for an erotic relationship with the earth. We can love nature, not just aesthetically, but carnally, with our meat, our bones. That sort of love threatens all the proprieties of estranged culture. Love that mirrors the wildness of nature can move us into the struggle to protect her, and can give us the deep strength we need. That love is connection. When we feel it deeply, perhaps with an oak, when we feel the tree's aura move into our bodies, feel our energy flow through the ground into its roots, let ourselves merge and feel at one with its tree-ness, we are sustained in the fight to keep the ax from its trunk, the radiation from its leaves.
(-----starhawk, dreaming the dark)
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I just re-discovered this passage from Truth or Dare:

Today, I will name [magic] this: the art of liberation, the act that releases the mysteries, that ruptures the fabric of our beliefs and lets us look into the heart of deep space where dwell the immeasurable, life-generating powers.

Those powers live in us also, as we live in them. The mysteries are what is wild in us, what cannot be quantified or contained. But the mysteries are also what is most common to us all: blood, breath, heartbeat, the sprouting of seed, the waxing and waning of the moon, the turning of the earth around the sun, birth, growth, death, and renewal.

To practice magic is to tap that power, to burrow down through the systems of control like roots that crack concrete to find the living soil below.

We are never apart from the power of the mysteries. Every breath we take encompasses the circle of birth, death, and rebirth. The forces that push the blood cells through our veins are the same forces that spun the universe out of the primal ball of fire. We do not know what those forces are. We can invoke them, but we cannot control them, nor can we disconnect from them. They are our life, and when we die, decay, and decompose, we remain still within their cycle.
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" the life-altering experience of connecting to the divinity that dwells within yourself and in the world. It is all of the extraordinary events and manifestations that flow from your union with a real and present divinity. Real magic is your relationship with immanent divinity, and it how you craft yourself as a Witch.

Making magic is like making love, and your partner is the Divine. Together, you share and express mutual pleasure and appreciation. Making magic is a dynamic process by which you co-create reality with deity. And ultimately, all real magic is a manifestation of the Divine."

(---phyllis curott, witch crafting)


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:25 pm
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"Oatstraw and oats strengthen and nourish the nerves and the nervous system. Full of nerve-cell nutrients, oatstraw helps regulate nervous system and chakra energies. The emotional and subtle bodies benefit amazingly from regular use, and psychic abilities often improve. By nourishing and tonifying the nerves and helping to eliminate bio-electrical resistance, oatstraw opens the nervous system to a wide range of terrestrial and galactic energies."
(---susun weed, healing wise)

high tide

Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:39 pm
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It must've rained lots during the night and then it started pouring this morning because the bottom of my road near River Road was flooded, the creek all brown and roaring high on the left and up the banks on the other shoulderless side water rushing down from the rocks. The river is huge and chocolate brown, all the way up past the bench on the Frenchtown side. Colin and his friend Diana and I took an oregon trail tour around Tinicum and Bridgeton, up Headquarters across the flooded dirt plain of Sheephole Road, making every precarious bridge crossing we could think of. Eventually we went up to Ringing Rocks all cool and herbaceous with rain, the mud rising up against our feet, and walked down over puddle-rocks to the waterfall which'd grown huge with rain and pounding endless patterns of shale-red water swirls down. We climbed up onto the rocks above where it gathered force, down below where it crashed in a fine spray, ferns and bugs and spongy mud. On the walk back up I found a little yod-shaped stone.
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So even though it was like 4 degrees this morning, I can feel spring rising in my bones, it's weird. I guess Brigid is only 2 weeks away and I feel it, I feel it, the way the sky gets light on my walk in the morning, something in the pull of the earth. So okay not spring, but that shift in winter, maybe Dylan's "the pulse within the ice," something about the shards of sunlight and cold frozen ground.

Also, Mingus makes cardio so much better for me.
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There is also this implicit arrogance, this idea that because our culture and connected over-cultures act in alienation from and instrumentation of (other) forms of life that this is somehow The Human Way of Being In The World, our particular evolutionary function. There's this idea that maybe there's no implicit violence or dulled ignorance at work because it is, after all, the way of this Earth for species to emerge teeming and eventually disappear. There's this complete ahistoricity that refuses to analyze 'our' ways of life as a specific approach to the land, to production, to other humans and other animals-- one dominant form among many other approaches, many other ways of being in the world which present, in fact, whole other possible worlds.

There is violence in our estrangement from the world. Why do I write world, what do I mean? There is violence in our estrangment from the land, the sky, the waters. There is violence in our estrangement from the sacred (I'm thinking here of [ profile] darkhaligh's recent writing on how the dominance of monotheism has severed us from intimate knowledge of magic, of the divine, of multiplicitous powers). Violence stems from the confluence of these two things, the splitting of intimacy and kinship and power from the world itself, draining the earth into some kind of background.


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